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       Many of our clients come to us with a basic idea of what they want.  This is often explained to us in a sketch or showing us a few images on Google.  Having that and a budget number is enough for us to determine if we can make your dream a reality.  One of the most important questions we ask in that first meeting is "What are your must haves?".  These are things that you will not waiver on for budget or project.  There are two things that you should do to prepare for a design build meeting. Firstly, form a detailed list of must haves for your home.  Secondly, start to gather pictures of homes, cabinets, trim, colors and etc.  Circle or write on the page what you like about the picture.  Keep all these pictures or magazine clippings in a folder and bring it to your design meeting.  These visual references help us to build a mental image of your style, likes, and tone of your dream home.

      The design build process can take ten months or more, depending on our starting point.  If we are starting from scratch it will take longer to have plans drawn than if we are modifying a set of plans we or you already own.  The process of design usually consists of 3 meetings.  Our first meeting is to determine what, where, and budget of the build.  The second and third meetings are revision and final revision of the engineered drawings that we will have drawn for your home.

      If there is a small amount of changes to an existing plan, and design and review time is limited, there will be a $3000.00 non-refundable design fee that will be credited to you upon signing the contract.  If we are starting from scratch, there will be a $6000.00 non-refundable design fee.  


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